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Deluxe Hand Spray

The Deluxe Hand Spray with 7 different pattern sprays and soft grip handle, is the perfect companion for watering your garden. Available for 12mm and 18mm hoses.

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Drip Eze® 100m

For low flow irrigation, Drip Eze® applies water to the plants at a slow consistent rate, reducing the risk of run-off and water wastage. Ideal for garden beds and veggie gardens. Use with 13mm Poly Fittings, available in 100m.

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True Blue 18m

A great general purpose garden hose, the True Blue 18m comes with two 12mm hose end connectors and a universal tap adaptor to suit both 20mm and 25mm garden taps.

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Legacy 18mm x 30m

The 18mm heavy duty 30m garden hose provides higher water flow for your garden with a 18mm Universal Tap Adaptor to suit 20mm (3/4”) or 25mm (1”) BSP taps and 2 x 18mm hose end fittings to use with a 18mm hand spray, sprinkler or tap adaptor.

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Auto Wind Hose Reel 20m

Auto Wind Hose Reel 20m has a 180° Swivel Mounting Bracket. Hose locks at desired length includes hose end fittings, hand spray. Makes watering easy & tidy!

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A home favourite, featuring an oscillating spray pattern with a slow rotation mechanism and sled base design for sliding through grass.

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Spiral Hose 15m

Compact, light weight 15m spiral hose with tap adaptor & 7 pattern hand spray that quickly recoils after use for tidy storage.

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Plant Tower

The Pope Plant Tower is ideal for growing plants that need support as they gain height such as tomatoes.

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Water Weeper 15m

Easy to rollout drip watering with flow regulator. Simply connect to your garden hose for watering garden beds and borders.

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DigiSet Tap Timer (Blue)

Available in 4 colours with a large, easy to read display, and programable functions, the DigiSet Tap Timer makes setting up watering automation a simple process.

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<p>Pope Irrigation.<br />
Laid Easy.</p>

Pope Irrigation.
Laid Easy.

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Gardening is in our DNA. Let’s work together to bring your garden to life; whether you need step-by-step guidance, tips and how-to’s or just some advice, we’ve got your back.

Pope Irrigation. Laid Easy.

Pope Irrigation. Laid Easy.

Having a cost effective, low maintenance watering solution has never been easier with Pope. With our advanced irrigation solutions that are water efficient, our fully automated systems with tap timers or controllers are here to save you time, money and energy on your gardening. Whether you need poly fittings, drip tube, drippers, sprays or tricklers, we’re here to help.

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Caring for your roses

Caring for your roses

When it comes to having flowers in your garden, nothing is quite as beautiful or as fragrant as the rose bush. They not only add a stunning, eye-catching feature to your backyard, they also attract bees and butterflies to create an active garden atmosphere. Taking care of your roses doesn’t need to be hard work, especially when you have Pope by your side.

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Installing a pop-up irrigation system is easy with Pope

Installing a pop-up irrigation system is easy with Pope

Bring your lawn to life with a little digging and a lot of love with the perfect products and expert guidance! Knowing how to craft a fully automated watering system in your backyard just got easier with our easy step by step installations videos and downloadable guides. Whether you have a square or irregular shaped lawn area, Pope’s products cater for any irrigation system design.

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Monthly product giveaways

Monthly product giveaways

Check Pope’s Facebook page for monthly product and prize giveaways. Each month we will update you on the latest promotion that could help you in the garden.

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Broaden your knowledge with our expertise at your fingertips. From helping in the garden and home to video tutorials, blog guides to irrigation information, Pope is here to help.